Programmatic Quick Analysis

Free programmatic quick analysis for programmatic buyers

Based on many years of experience in the Digital Media & Programmatic disciplines (Programmatic Display, Programmatic Video, Programmatic Mobile and Programmatic TV) blueShepherd knows all facets of Programmatic Advertising. We also continuously monitor the latest developments in Programmatic Out of Home.

Free Programmatic Quick Analysis

The free programmatic quick analysis we carry out for you and for free. It includes:

  • Feasibility study for the programmatic campaign strategy
  • Plausibility check of programmatic goals and planning approaches
  • Consideration of imaginary implementation mechanism
  • Testing Programmatic Inventory Potential
  • Programmatic expectation management / KPI definition

For whom is the programmatic quick analysis interesting?

The free programmatic quick analysis is for advertisers and agencies responsible for Programmatic Advertising:

  • Online Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Manager from Marketing, PR and Sales
  • Programmatic Manager
  • Digital Media Buyer
  • Managing directors
  • Digital Media Buyer
  • Pitch consultants
  • Media Auditors


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