VoiceInsights enables voice-based quick surveys of highly specific audiences using Voice Assistants.

Real-time research has become increasingly important to marketers and healthcare market researchers. The future of machine learning, automation and artificial intelligence is sure to include more real-time data analysis. Market research approaches without real-time data is now unthinkable. TheVoiceMarketer goes one step further, it is vital that the market research approach must take into account technologies such as Voice Assistants and smart speakers.

VoiceInsights offers a solution for the future of market research. We have developed a solution that allows users to interact with our Alexa Skill or Google Action for market research. This approach is leading to a very dedicated audience of millennials and early adopters motivated to participate in market research surveys. Seeing the adaptation and development, as well as the usage data of Voice Assistants, we are convinced that in the next 5-6 years, i.e. by 2025, almost all audiences and target group can be accessed more comprehensively through Voice Assistants.

VoiceInsights gives researchers access to respondents through an intelligent and easy-to-use solution that runs through Voice Assistants. With our voice-based approach to data acquisition, regardless of time and place, we can bring these users into the hands of researchers. The panellists using Voice Assistants are not only accessible via smart speakers, but also via mobile devices and much more. For example, devices such as Amazon Echo Show offer an audio & video experience and interaction with Voice Assistant Alexa.

The VoiceInsights solution is ideal for various market participants:

  • Market research companies who already have their own panel, and also want to expand their market research via Voice Assistants.
  • Research and analysis firms
  • Companies that organise or co-design online surveys
  • Agencies (media agencies, creative agencies, etc.)
  • Media houses and publishers
  • Advertisers who wish to build their own panel
  • Organisations/associations with members/participants/supporters (e.g., football clubs, companies, sports clubs, etc.)
  • Organisations that regularly conduct surveys or market research
  • All those who need or make use of use Doodle and similar polls

The VoiceInsight solution could be used for a variety of research, market research and surveys


Brand, Markets and Perception:

Brand: Brand awareness & image, competition monitoring, market development, ad-hoc and tracking studies, current topics and events from various sports, politics, etc., new trending topics, products and reputation management.

Target groups and opinion polling: Target group & customer structure: e.g. Purchase decision behaviour, customer needs and motivation, customer and employee satisfaction.

Advertising & Marketing: Claim / Slogan / Image / Trailer: Advertising pre- and post-testing, campaign tracking, analysis of the impact and efficiency of advertising, advertising concepts, packaging, price and perceived value.

Why should you order the VoiceInsights product?

  • A separate panel for market research and research tasks can be set up
  • Discover audiences through VoiceInsights via Voice Assistants, which will not be found using traditional methods
  • Instant and real-time evaluations can be integrated into your system landscape
  • Various templates already included in the product package
  • Direct access to users
  • Innovation
  • The user can participate in surveys in a “lean-back” situation (even when drinking coffee) and they do not have to sit in front of a PC/laptop/smartphone/tablet.

Ask us for a VoiceInsights product demo.

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