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The topic of voice assistants is on everyone’s lips. The core topic is Voice / Speech and that is the basis for the World of Voice concept of blueShepherd. Although the topic has increasingly come to light through the developments of voice assistants, voice or voice is not just about voice assistants or voice assistants, but also communication, search, search, point of information (POI), point of sales (POS), point of dialogue, voice commerce, process simplification, automation.

Voice assistants establish itself as a “media genre”, changing the “pull marketing” world as well as B2C and B2B communication as a whole.

We, at blueShepherd, are dealing with the topic of voice with passion. We have decided to consider not just the topic of “Alexa Skill” or “Google Assistant Actions”, etc., but the big picture of “Voice, Voice Assistant, Voice Search, Search, Voice”. Everything that goes together is considered together, and this is the only way we can get the best voice solutions and more ROI for our customers.

The blueShepherd way of thinking

-> If you look at the search in general, we are not just about SEO, but also about voice search.

-> If you look at the voice search, then it is not only the voice search on mobile devices, but also on smart speakers such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, Samsung Galaxy Home, Apple Homepod and more.

-> When developing a solution for voice assistants, we not only think about Alexa, but we equally consider Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby, etc., voice assistants.

-> If we think about voice solutions or about voice products and applications then we have as blueShepherd own Speech-To-Text, as well as Speech Recognition applications.

-> Of course we do not forget two core topics, namely Alexa Skill and Privacy, as well as promotion of Alexa Skills.

-> We offer one-stop-shop solutions, around the topic voice, voice assistant or language and voice assistant.

-> When it comes to optimizations, we offer search engine optimization, voice search optimization and optimizations for Alexa Skills.

-> You want to know more about voice assistants? Would you like to introduce your team as a further education measure the topic voice assistant, Alexa, Alexa Skill etc.? Of course we also have an individual “blueShepherd solution” ready for you. We offer voice assistants seminars / workshops at your site and regular voice assistant webinars. For those who would like to tackle it spontaneously or have acute “voice assistant base knowledge” needs, you can always contact us for webinar on demand for voice assistants. The advantage of our webinars is that we offer the “Pay what you want or pay for what you want” model.

Convince yourself. Get to know the blueShepherd team, which cares for the voice assistants, Alexa, Smart Speaker etc. themes of passion, expands, drives forward and wants to explain them understandably. As a team of experienced voice assistant / voice assistant experts, blueShepherd offers its customers innovative voice assistant services and helps them achieve better business outcomes.

Our vision is that customers can access Alexa anytime, anywhere. This means that customers can communicate with their cars, refrigerators, thermostats, lights and appliances of all kinds inside and outside their home.

blueShepherd works with insider companies to develop and operate the world’s leading voice services for voice assistants (such as Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.). Based in Hamburg, Germany, we have built a worldwide reputation for delivering the best of Alexa Skills and Voice products.

Ask us about the “World of Voice” range of services.

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